Have you Inspired Someone Today?

Couldn’t have said it better….so i’m sharing THIS!! Great post, timeless truth, Courtney. Thank you 😉

Courtney Smith Kramer

Inspire conversation and influence what they talk about.

It sounds so simple, but in reality is one of the hardest things to do in marketing. To inspire someone means that you have to reach out to their heart, and remind them of their purpose long enough so that they actually take action to do whatever you are trying to influence them to do. Sounds like magic; but really, all it takes is being in tune with your inner consumer.

We are all consumers, and all you need to do to be inspiring in your work is to tap into what would motivate YOU on an emotional level to buy the product or service you’re trying to market. The secret is tempering this with the appropriate tone and context, so that your efforts are genuine, speaking the audience’s language, and is coming from a place of complete truth. People can spot…

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